About Us

Train2Win Endurance Coaching is a comprehensive endurance, cycling, and triathlon professional training service company specifically designed to provide endurance athletes with an all encompassing fitness regimen that helps them to maximize their performance in every last event – whether it be a triathlon, a cycling race, or any other endurance and fitness endeavor. Our endurance coach works with our clients to ensure that their physical load is equally distributed throughout their body, so as to ensure proper form, exceptional training progress, and a positive, healthy balance both physically and mentally.

Train2Win Endurance Coaching works with athletes from all over the world, including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Korea, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, and Malaysia.

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what we do

At Train2Win Endurance Coaching, we’re more than just your average endurance training company; in fact, we’re something entirely different. With over 8 years of experience in training endurance athletes across different levels in their practice, we not only help our clients reach their goals, but we help them raise their performance to a whole new level.

Throughout our time in business, our coaches have successfully coached more than 300 athletes from 8 different countries in Europe and Asia, and today, we’re focused on helping a new generation of athletes reach their goals, strive for excellence, win the battle against their inner fears, and believe in themselves.

With weekly or monthly training plans uniquely tailored to the individual goals and abilities of each client, our TrainingPeaks program is highly personalized to ensure that each athlete makes the most out of their experience with their Train2Win Endurance Coaching coach. Each of our professional coaches maintains a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in knowing just what it takes to get the most out of our athletes, and then push them into a new realm of performance.

If you’re interested in seeing just how far Train2Win endurance coaching can take you, take a look below to see just how our program works.

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How Our Services Can Help

When it comes to endurance, fitness training, cycling training, or triathlon training, the most important aspect of finding success is consistently winning that inner battle against yourself. In order to ensure that each of our clients win that battle throughout each session and in preparation for each specific event, we pair you with a dedicated coach who will ensure the highest standard of competence.

From there, you’ll dig deep and find the rest right inside of you.


Cutting-Edge Technology

The TrainingPeaks software is an advanced endurance and fitness software that is simple to use, easily accessible, and comprehensive. Designed to continue your learning process that is built by your fitness coach, you can use the platform to plan ahead, track your goals, and further improve your efforts.     

In order to help our clients make the most out of their experience with Train2Win Endurance Coaching, we use cutting-edge wearable technology coupled with the most advanced physiological performance analysis software currently available on the market.

Our wearable motion analysis device produced by LEOMO (Type -R) is used in conjunction with a leading performance analysis software, Insycd, to help you elevate your training, raise your performance to a new level, and prevent injuries all across the board.


Long-Term Fitness Development

Our experienced coaches have seen tremendous success in developing athletes from the novice level and turning them into podium finishers. And although this approach can take years to complete, with a coach from Train2Win Endurance Coaching by your side, you, too, can become the podium finisher that you’ve always envisioned.


A Holistic Approach To Fitness

For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that our athletes take a holistic approach to their new training program. We provide our clients with nutritionists, sports psychologists, or an even something as simple as a proper workout plan for your local gym – improving your endurance requires a complete buy-in, and this is how it all starts.