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How It Works

Train2Win Endurance Coaching has designed a comprehensive endurance training program specifically designed to allow each of our athletes to make the most out of their experiences with their professional endurance coaches. Whether you’re a cyclist, training for a triathlon, or an endurance athlete, Train2Win Endurance Coaching is on your side.

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Sign up with Train2Win Endurance Coaching and choose your training package.

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Review your confirmation email and follow all instructions to book the date for your first onboarding call to find more about your background and your goals.

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Review your new personalized training plan, get to work, and reach your goals!


increase your level of performance

Signing up for a training program designed to change your life has never been easier. Follow our step by step guide below to be sure that you can get started on increasing your level of performance as soon as possible.


change your life has never been easier


1. Select your package.

2. Fill out your new client application and provide us with your contact information.

3. Make your payment.

4. Check your email and book your first onboarding call with your coach.

5. Review your “New Athlete’s Handbook.”

6. During the call, you can share your background, training ability, weekly schedule, and any additional important circumstances that your coach should consider when designing your personalized program.

7. Your coach will connect with you via the TrainingPeaks software application or mobile application, where they can review your schedule, analyze your results, and make recommendations.

8. Finalize your plan with your coach prior to beginning.

9. Your coach will frequently update your training schedule based on your own personal progress.

10. Keep in contact with your coach as often or as little as you want throughout your training program. We encourage all of our athletes to take advantage of this opportunity and pick the brains of your professional training coach to help better yourself with each and every training session.