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Head Coach Janis Musins

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Head Coach Janis Musins

Founder and head coach of "Train2Win Endurance Coaching". Coach of a many elite and age group champions in different disciplines. Lifetime athlete who is continuously striving to make athletes better through technology, analytics as well as psychology.

Janis started as a self-coached athlete, which led him to the necessity to learn all the intricacies of human performance soon after he found himself giving training advice to many athletes, who started his career as a coach. Before he began to coaching full time, he was CEO of a large company, but as being a coach was much more emotionally rewarding so hi gave up his job of a CEO and started "Train2Win Endurance Coaching" to pursue his passion of becoming a top level coach.

Being a coach for me is a process of continuous education and discovery through science and human psychology. Coaching for me is more than numbers - it’s about one’s physical and personal development.
— Head Coach Janis Musins